Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

Online travel bookings are set to dominate the accommodation industry, with forecasters predicting that 76% of bookings will take place online by 2028. So, it only makes sense to advertise your Jacksonville, FL, short-term rental on one of the popular booking platforms.

Vacation rental platforms offer secure vacation bookings, owner protections, and swift service. The trick is finding the best one for your needs.

Read on for a snapshot of the world's leading vacation rental sites for advertising your Jacksonville short-term rental.


Airbnb offers guests who don't want hotel accommodation the choice of top vacation rentals from around the world. It's one of the best-known platforms and boasts over 7 million listings.

This platform started as a way for people to earn extra income by renting out a spare room in their home, but it's grown to include stand-alone units, too. You'll need to work consistently on your marketing strategy to attract more bookings on this popular platform.

Despite the huge amount of competition on the site, Airbnb offers enormous amounts of exposure for your listings, thanks to the extremely high number of visitors to the site.

Other benefits of listing with Airbnb include:

  • Free listings
  • Automated payments
  • Extensive host protection insurance coverage
  • User-friendly platform

Airbnb charges include a commission of between 3% and 13% per booking. is the world's most valuable online booking platform, facilitating over a million nightly bookings. The benefits of listing your property on include:

  • Free, flexible listing options
  • An international audience
  • Secure payment and reservation systems
  • Swift customer support

You pay a 15% commission on all bookings received via this platform. lists hotels and privately owned properties around the world, so you'll need a well-composed listing to stand out here. It's a good place to market low-season vacancies and attract visitors from colder climates.


VRBO specializes in vacation home rentals rather than hotels. So, if you own a cottage, chalet, or apartment in Jacksonville, this is a good option for you, especially if you're targeting guests who want a more personalized experience.

The benefits of listing your vacation rental with VRBO include:

  • No listing fee
  • No taxes
  • Low charges

With VRBO, you can choose an annual subscription of $699 or pay a fee for each booking. The latter amounts to 5% per booking, plus a 3% charge for credit card payments and a 3% service charge.

Maximizing Vacation Rental Platforms for Your Rental Business

Vacation rental platforms represent the future of all short-term rental bookings and are a vital part of your marketing strategy. Yet, standing out amongst the crowd on vacation rental platforms takes expertise and experience.

PMI Jacksonville is here to help you decide on the best rental platforms for your vacation rental and help you set up a failsafe marketing strategy for success. We can assist you with pricing and compile appealing listings to help you stand out online.

We will ensure each guest enjoys a memorable stay thanks to our expert property management skills.

Our team is standing by to help you take your vacation rental business to the next level.