How to Attract More Bookings to Vacation Home Rentals in Jacksonville

How to Attract More Bookings to Vacation Home Rentals in Jacksonville

About 22 million overnight and day trippers visit Jacksonville, FL every year. In a normal year, the city averages 28,000 visitors every night. That's 28,000 chances for you to book someone in your vacation home daily.

Struggling to attract guests to your Jacksonville vacation home rentals? Here are a few tips you can use to make your online listings more enticing. Generate more stays in 2024 using these strategies!

Update Your Rental Properties

Before using the rest of these tips, consider updating your rental properties. Research other vacation home rentals in Jacksonville. What are your properties missing?

A few minor upgrades can offer guests enhanced comfort, better amenities, or attractive lodgings. If your property looks old and shabby, they won't look twice.

Choose property upgrades that align with your guest's needs and interests. For example, business professionals may look for a great coffee machine. If you're trying to reach families, leave video games or board games for the kids.

Make informed upgrades with help from your VRBO management company. Their research and expertise will help you boost your ROI.

Update Online Listings

If your online listings lack eye-catching images or helpful information, potential guests won't look further. Instead, update your online listings to make your rental properties stand out online.

Make sure your listings feature:

  • A list of unique rental amenities
  • Stunning images or videos
  • Thorough property descriptions
  • A call to action encouraging bookings

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your listings reach Jacksonville tourists. Almost 70% of activity online begins with a search. SEO will help you appear as people look for listings.

List your vacation home on multiple listing sites. If you need help, hire a rental property management company. Their strategies can help you generate more online visibility and bookings.

Leverage Vacation Property Advertising

Digital advertising can expand your online reach and visibility. Use Facebook and Google Ads to design eye-catching visual ads. Share stunning visuals of your vacation home to generate more clicks.

Share on Social Media

Share photos and videos of your rental properties using social media. Add relevant, location-specific hashtags to appear as people look for homes in Jacksonville. Avoid generic tags, which can make it difficult for you to generate visibility.

Share positive reviews from your recent guests online. Glowing reviews can encourage future guests to consider staying in your property.

Invest in Vacation Rental Property Management

If you're struggling to generate bookings, consult a vacation rental property management company. An experienced property manager can give you a competitive advantage.

They can enhance guest experiences using Airbnb management best practices. Offering better experiences will help you generate repeat bookings. Your ROI will rise!

Attract Guests to Your Vacation Home Rentals

Learning how to attract guests to your Jacksonville vacation home rentals can take some time. Use these tips to develop an effective marketing strategy. Otherwise, consult a vacation rental property manager.

PMI Jacksonville has 20 years of experience offering the highest quality property management services. We use state-of-the-art technology to support our clients and their guests.

We can make property management more manageable while maximizing your owner profitability. Contact us today for vacation property management services.