Why Should I Offer a Tenant Portal to My Tenants in Jacksonville, FL?

Why Should I Offer a Tenant Portal to My Tenants in Jacksonville, FL?

If you're a landlord or property manager in Jacksonville, FL, offering the right tools is key to developing positive tenant relationships. One recent survey found that 63.5 percent of tenants said they were happy with their landlord.

One way to improve communication is through the use of a tenant portal.

Read on for some landlord tips and to learn why you should consider offering a portal to your tenants to improve the rental process for everyone involved.

Easier Rent Collection

Most tenants today prefer to pay their bills electronically. With an online tenant portal, they can pay their rent virtually, resulting in faster payments for you. The portal can also send each tenant an electronic receipt automatically as proof of payment.

Rent collection via a tenant portal also improves the rate of on-time payments you receive. You can also set up the portal to send reminders if a tenant is running behind, or if you need to gently remind them about an upcoming payment as the due date approaches.

The use of this technology also makes your accounting much easier. You can track payments and late fees and link the portal to your accounting software for a much more streamlined process. It can also be used to store and track tax documents, bills, and more.

A Tenant Portal Improves Communication

Offering a tenant portal also improves tenant communication. If you need to make an announcement, all you need to do is add it to the portal and send out an alert.

Whether you're planning to do some building or lawn maintenance, or whether there's a general announcement regarding the entire apartment complex, a portal makes sending information easier. Some tenant portal software can also link to a smartphone app so tenants can be alerted on their phones, too.

Using a portal also allows you to send messages back and forth with your tenants. You'll never need to worry about wondering if they received the information you've sent since it's all logged online.

Smoother Property Management

If you're managing several properties at once, a tenant portal makes it easier. You can use this software to let tenants issue maintenance requests, track repairs, and more.

When a tenant has an issue, they can simply submit a ticket and make a specific request through the portal. As a landlord, you'll be alerted so you can begin handling the issue immediately.

Quick response to maintenance issues is one of the most important ways to create happy tenants. The sooner you respond and handle the problem, the better off everyone will be and the better your property will be maintained.

Try a Portal Today

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits to using a tenant portal. From improving communication to rent collection, this technology is a must-have for the modern property managers and landlords of today.

When you're ready to boost tenant happiness, contact one of the experts at PMI Jacksonville to find out how we can help with all of your property management needs today.